Agile Scrum

About Agile-Scrum

 Agile is the project management methodology that focuses on customer’s involvement, collaboration of cross-functional teams, fast delivery and flexible change management. The whole project is divided into multiple phases and the delivery of part of the project is always at the end of these phases.
The whole design and implementation of the project is done in an iterative and incremental way to help deliver the project in phases and to help the customers see early results and be able to approve or request for changes in an early phase. 

Scrum Values

-  Commitment
-  Courage
-  Focus
-  Openness
-  Respect 


- Product Owner: the stakeholders and the customer
- Development Team: are those responsible for delivering the project
- Scrum Master: is the one accountable for making sure the development team delivers the project without any issues and with ease while following the scrum framework and agreed processes 

Work Flow

- Planning
- Daily Scrum
- Review and retrospective