PRINCE2® Agile

About PRINCE2® Agile

 PRINCE2® Agile is the tailored form of PRINCE2® that is applied to be suitable for Agile projects. It follows the same processes and uses the same themes as PRINCE2® but with Agile methodology and concept in mind.
Agile is the project management methodology that focuses on customer’s involvement, collaboration of cross-functional teams, fast delivery and flexible change management. The whole project is divided on multiple phases and the delivery of part of the project is always at the end of these phases.
PRINCE2® Agile was first introduced to the public in June 2015 by AXELOS®. 

PRINCE2® principles

·         Continued Business Justification Principle
·         Learn from Experience Principle
·         Defined Roles and Responsibilities Principle
·         Manage by Stages Principle
·         Manage by Exception Principle
·         Focus on Products Principle
·         Tailor to Suit the Project Environment Principle 

PRINCE2® themes

·         Business Case Theme
·         Organization Theme
·         Quality Theme
·         Plans Theme
·         Risk Theme
·         Change Theme
·         Progress Theme 

PRINCE2® processes

·         Starting up a Project
·         Initiating a Project
·         Directing a Project
·         Controlling a Stage
·         Managing Product Delivery
·         Managing a Stage Boundary
·         Closing a Project 

Certification Prerequisites

 PRINCE2® Practitioner Certified before taking the PRINCE2® Agile exam.